Apple Watch Release 04/24, prices start $349

From the beginning of time, human kind has made many strides from rock and wood instruments, fire and the revolution of the wheel. How great was the sundial. The sundial is the oldest know device for measuring time If you were fortunate enough around 1500 BC, you would have been on the cutting edge if you had a sun dial. However the Egyptians developed a more precise sundial around 800 BC.

Jumping ahead a few thousand years and we now have another high tech revelation in the way of the Apple Watch. By no means can we compare practical use of the early sundial to the ultra modern ability of the Apple Watch.

I still think back to the early days of Apple of the 70’s to the futuristic computers and devices we have available to us right now.

Currently Apple is on its way to be the first Trillion Dollar Company. The has been accomplished by Apples ability to look at the future and bring those possibilities to us today and for the most part a price that represents the value of the product.

Apple 42mm Stainless Steel Case with Bright Blue Leather Loop - Go Living Healthy

42mm Stainless Steel Case with Bright Blue Leather Loop

March 9, 2015, CEO Tim Cook unveiled an exposition of new Apple goodies that include an ultra-thin gold MacBook; a series of health apps that can help diagnose certain diseases such as Parkinson’s and breast cancer; a new lower price for Apple TV; and a partnership with HBO for a stand-alone streaming service and the infamous Apple Watch.

Some say the Apple Watch dosen’t over any thing remarkable. I believe the market place will be the final judge.


Apple Watch Specifications

Here are the technical specs of the Apple Watch:

  • Sizes: 38mm and 42mm: 38 mm: 21.2 x 26.5 mm, 33.5 mm (1.32 in) diagonally, 272 x 340 pixels,
  • 42 mm: 24.3 x 30.5 mm, 39 mm (1.5 in) diagonally, 312 x 390 pixels
  • Versions: Apple Watch , Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition complete with a variety of strap choices for each model
  • Retina touchscreen display with Force Touch, and sapphire glass or Ion-X glass cover depending on model
  • Taptic Engine and built-in speaker for instant tactile feedback
  • Custom S1 SiP (System in Package) chip
  • Sensors: accelerometer, built-in heart rate sensor
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • NFC support (for Apple Pay payments)
  • Digital Crown Home button
  • 18-hours battery life and MagSafe charging
  • Compatibility: iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus
  • Apple Pay and Siri support

The Apple Watch is made of highly polished cold-forged stainless steel and comes with black stainless steel cases. The Watch comes with three different leather bands:

  1. A link bracelet,
  2. Milanese loop
  3. high-performance fluoroelastomer band.

Ok you ask, what is a fluoroelastomer band. Well DuPont™ Viton®, says it provides proven resistance to chemicals and extreme temperatures. It offers low temperature flexibility and a few other technical things that make it extremely durable. So Apple goes the very long extra mile to offer a watch band that is beyond the competition and are ability to wear it out.

Apple Watch Style

Apple Silver Aluminum Apple Sport Watch - Go Living Healthy

38mm Silver Aluminum Case with White Sport Band

Apple offers choices from simple look to the high end sophisticated. They leave no person out regarding price and style.

The Apple Watch Sport models are made of lightweight anodized aluminum and come in silver and gray. When it comes to band choices, users will be able to pick up one of the five different fluoroelastomer band covers.

Apple Watch Edition is made of 18-karat gold that’s twice as hard as standard gold, and it comes with “an exquisitely designed band” complement.

Watch Price and availability

The Apple Watch Sport, starts at $350. The regular Apple Watch will start at $550. The 14-karat gold Apple Watch Edition will be available in a limited number for $10,000 and up at select retail locations. The straps range in price from $50 to $550, so if you want more than one strap for your Watch.

You can check out all your options on Apple’s website.

Apple says, “Start a whole new kind of conversation”.

Apple Watch 42mm 18-Karat Yellow Gold Case with Midnight Blue Classic Buckle - Go Living Healthy

42mm 18-Karat Yellow Gold Case with Midnight Blue Classic Buckle

The Apple website provides a wild way of outlining the benefits and the way you will use the Apple Watch. Although specs are an important way of measuring, I believe it is far more beneficial to discover how you will use this extremely powerful, simple device that is conveniently and elegantly displayed on your wrist. WOW! So much at your finger tips.

“You won’t just send and receive messages, calls, and mail more easily and efficiently. You’ll express yourself in new, fun, and more personal ways. With Apple Watch, every exchange is less about reading words on a screen and more about making a genuine connection”.  Apple


  • Stay closer to the people you care about.
  • Say it with feeling.
  • Sketch.
  • Tap: Let friends or loved ones know you’re thinking of them with silent, gentle tap patterns they’ll feel on the wrist. You can even customize taps for different people
  • Heartbeat.
  • Messages, calls, and mail. Tailored for your wrist: Apple Watch adds a new dimension to the way you communicate. In just a glance it shows you who’s contacting you. It even gets your attention the way another person would — by tapping you. There are subtle audio cues, too. The experience is discreet and nuanced, with different types of notifications having their own unique character.
  • Never miss a message.Apple Watch 38mm Stainless Steel Case with Soft Pink Modern Buckle -  Go Living Healthy
  • Lots of ways to respond.
  • Your wrist now takes phone calls.
  • Mail is even easier to manage.
  • Start on Apple Watch. Continue on iPhone.
  • HEALTH & FITNESS – Live a better day.

For your convince, here is a link to the infamous Apple Watch.

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Life Style



We find the style to be beyond today. Reason, you can change the face or dial as you like as often as you want. We think the entry level price should start under $200. Life Style will be absolutely amazing as you begin to use this Apple Watch in your daily life.

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