CHAMPVA Prescription Benefit

CHAMPVA Prescription Benefit

CHAMPVA Prescription Medication - Go Living HealthyCHAMPVA Prescription Medication Benefit is a robust pharmacy benefit, paying 75% of the allowable charge at any pharmacy for prescription medication. The Meds By Mail program offers prescription medication delivered to your home. The best part of Meds By Mail is that there is NO cost share or co-pay. CHAMPVA also offers a medication by mail program called MEDS BY MAIL.


The good news regarding Prescription coverage with CHAMPVA it  is excellent, but can be rather easy. You can also use your local Pharmacy for connivence. For you to benefit with the best cost method and even up to 100% Prescription coverage, is to enroll in a CHAMPVA Supplement and use it with your CHAMPVA.

When you are covered by both CHAMPVA and a CHAMPVA Supplement Insurance Plan, can provide 100% out of pocket cost for your prescription medications. How it works is the same as any health insurance coverage. You Doctor or Medical Provider either writes a prescription, or calls or sends directy to the pharmacy you use or the CHAMPVA Meds by Mail program.

CHAMPVA pays approximately 75% of CHAMPVA Veteran Family at Pharmacy - Go Living Healthythe medication cost leaving you to pay the other 25% out of pocket. However, when you are also covered by the CHAMPVA Supplement, the supplement will pay the other 25%.

AT the time of purchase, you pay the other 25%, keep your receipts, then send or fax to your supplement provider who intern will end you a check for the 25% you paid out of pocked.

The CHAMPVA prescription program is one of the best prescription programs available today. The program is a good as and in many instances better the civilian programs. The  prescription program is especially good for those who are 65 years of age and beyond.

We want to Thank those who are CHAMPVA eligible for your service to Country and Freedom.

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Pharmacy Program
Meds by Mail



The Pharmacy Program is similar to the civilian Pharmacy. There may be differences in the formulary offering from the civilian program. Both the Pharmacy Program and Meds by Mail are easy to use.

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