Gold Star Wives Needs Your Help

Gold Star Wives Needs Your Help

CHAMPVA Gold Star Wives - Go Living HealthyGold Star Wives Help needed to extend CHAMPVA to age 26

On January 16, 2015, the Gold Star Wives are calling for action for Congress to extend CHAMPVA benefits for dependents to age 26. According to Jamie Tomek of the Gold Star Wives, her communication with Senator Chuck Schumer states he wants to highlight the CHAMPVA Young Adult issue and needs a “poster child” immediately.

She also reminded her readers that under Obamacare (Adorable Care Act), adults can pay for the health coverage of their adult children up to age 26 (from age 23, the old limit).

She also states, “in order for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to “work” for Survivors eligible for CHAMPVA who would wish to have their adult children covered to age 26 under that program, a technical change in wording is needed to Title 38. In other words, the ACA already authorizes such coverage but the veterans laws need to be tweaked to enable the coverage to take effect.”

Senator Chuck Schumer for CHAMPVA - Go Living HealthySenator Chuck Schumer states he wants to highlight the CHAMPVA Young Adult issue and needs a “poster child” immediately.

The Military Coalition (TMC) and Gold Star Wives have sought the change since enactment of the ACA without success. Now Schumer wants to use the bully pulpit to press the attack.

She needs your help NOW. If you know of a person who has a child, from NEW YORK STATE, who is eligible FOR CHAMPVA ADULT ‘CHILD’ coverage, please contact her immediately at: and she will help you get in touch with Senator Schumer.

CLICK here for more information about the Gold Star Wives.

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