Traditional or Holistic Veterinarian

Traditional or Holistic Veterinarian

Puppy Traditional or Holistic Veterinarian - Go Living HealthyMay 2014 begain as any other May. The weather was warm, many days filled with sun, the birds were singing and the insects were plentiful. All the signs, the spring celebration was well underway.

Another sign of the season, was our SCHIPPERKE was acting like he was tormented by insects or an allergy. He was chewing at his paws, and itching. He would would pick up his rear leg and itch up on is body in a peculiar way at his abdomen.

Fleas and Tics in the South

In the South where we live, fleas are a real issue for pets and pet owners. It is a necessary to use a good quality Flea and tic treatment. We have used the same treatment since he was a puppy.

After we did a through exam of his skin, we did not find any indication insects were present. During the look on his skin we did not see any indication of skin issues or problems.

The next step was take Beau for a visit to his  traditional Veterinarian. He has been a patient of this Veterinarian practice since 2006. However, the vet he saw then moved on after a year. We continued to go to the same practice.

Traditional and Holistic Veterinarians - Go Living HealthyDuring the exam in the vets office, I explained all the symptoms as I described above. As the vet was leaning over doing the exam, the vet looked up at me and asked if I wanted to give him a flue shot. I was somewhat taken back by this as the exam was not complete and there was not a diagnosis for the symtoms he was suffering with.

I asked the vet what the flue shot was comprised of and the vet then said maybe I did not need to get the shot. I was not very excited about this since we still did not know what the issue was.

The vet suggested steroids to control the etching. I asked if there was any other alternative and none was offerd. I elected not to have the steroids at this time for the itching.

We returned home and I gave Beau the famous oatmeal bath. I was thinking we would see results from the bath relatively fast.

Over the next few days, the itching continued. During this period of time, he now was having bowl movements that were very soft in texture to Diarrhea.

I become even more frustrated and concerned, we made a trip back to the vet. The vet did not really offer any real solution other then the steroid treatment. So reluctantly, I agreed.

After a few days, the itching just about stopped, however the diarrhea was becoming an issue. We made a trip back to the vet and this time blood work was performed.

I was completely frustrated and concerned something was not well and we were not getting  solutions. I decided to take Beau to another vet Beau saw when we were on the other side of town. We took the blood work results and we were of.

Beau Winter 2014 ready to play - Go Living HealthyThe second Veterinarian reviewed the blood work and explained the results showed elevations in the liver. The vet said steroid treatment could cause the particular areas of elevation. Then the vet contunied to say in addition to the other symtoms I explained, there could be something else could be going on. He suggested we wait another week let the steroids  pass through his system and he would perform  another blood panel.

The second blood panel results showed improvement in the area of concern, but another area was high. The vet was not sure what the diagnosis was but suggested it could be Cushing’s. He explained he did not have conclusive information and recommended we come back the following week for a sonogram. He explained the sonogram would provide further information towards a diagnosis of Cushing’s but by itself it was not conclusive.

When we returned home, I took to the internet to understand what Cushing’s is, how to diagnose and what the treatment would consist of. I was devastated to learn this is a serious disease with a high mortality rate. In addition, the treatment itself is so serious it can cause death as well. Regarding diagnosis, I learned there are several test along with the sonogram which has a cost around $350 and there is also a $25 urine test.

At this point I was very concerned and frustrated and decided to find a Holistic Veterinarian to explore a diagnosis and treatment.

Is it Time to See a Holistic Veterinarian

A week later I found a great Holistic Veterinarian, Dr. Audra Alley at  Shiloh Animal Hospital Morrisville, NC, only 8 miles from us. During her exam, I explained all of the same symptoms I shared with the first two Vets. She said she did not believe he showed Cushing’s type symptoms and suggested we perform a $25 urine test that is conclusive regarding the diagnosis for Cushing’s. The urine test had a 24 hour turn around and the results were negative for Cushing’s’.  We were very happy with this information but now we wanted to go further to get to the bottom of what his problem is.

Since she is a Holistic Vet as well as a Traditional Veterinarian, she was able to exam him from both points of medicine. Her believe was he was experiencing a liver problem.  The blood work did indicate specific areas that indicate high elevations of in his blood in the liver. She then prescribed specific herbs to help with his liver problem. Within in two weeks, he quit itching at his abdomen and within days quit chewing at his paws. What is so interesting about his itching at his abdomen, the location is exactly where his liver is located.

So we started with the idea the issue had something to do with the time of the year, possibly some sort of insects and the visit to three Veterinarians. Very disconcerting to think one Veterinarian wanted to treat with steroids to treat the icing, and the steroids can cause liver damage, another Veterinarian wanting to non-conclusive expense testing regarding a disease he do not display any symptoms of to finally finding a Veterinarian who did not want to treat just the symptoms, but was willing to do a urine exam that would provide conclusive results, to looking at another possibility that was not ever discussed previously. Then treated with a Holistic herb formula that did not have side affects but actually treated the real problem that was masked by the itching and chewing symptoms.

What we learned through this adventure, there are both Traditional and Holistic Veterinarians. Many practices offer both Traditional and Holistic Veterinarian services.

As of today, Beau is a happy and healthy SCHIPPERKE who will turn 9 years of age July 2015. Needless to say, we have referred other pet owners who were struggling with health issues and their Veterinarians. They have all expressed the difference in results when visiting this particular Veterinarian and how she turned around some chronic problems or just provided treatment beyond what we expect to receive but hope to receive. We stay in contact with Dr. Alley and she does regular checkups for Beau. We have referred several friends to Dr. Audra Alley at Shiloh Animal Hospital and they all are extremely please.

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