TRICARE Supplement Insurance

TRICARE Supplement Insurance

Many military associations and private companies offer TRICARE supplemental insurance policies. Unlike other health insurance, which pays first for health care services, supplemental insurance pays after TRICARE pays its portion of the bill, reimbursing you for out-of-pocket medical expenses paid to civilian providers based on the plan’s policies.


As a TRICARE or CHAMPVA eligible, it is important to maximize your heath plan coverage while keeping your cost as a low as possible. The TRICARE Supplemental Insurance and CHAMPVA Supplemental Insurance administered by Selman & Company and underwritten by Transamerica Companies and sponsored by the American Military Retirees Association (AMRA). The AMRA TRICARE supplements are available for retired military, their eligible dependents and the AMRA CHAMPVA Supplement is available to CHAMPVA eligible dependents.

AMRA offers  supplemental insurance coverage which helps meet the needs of military families. These low cost-effective TRICARE SUPPLEMENTAL INSURANCE and CHAMPVA SUPPLEMENTAL INSURANCE PLANS are geared toward saving you money, while improving your healthcare services and options, as well as providing you with exceptional comprehensive coverage. With AMRA’s competitive voluntary group coverage and outstanding individual plans, each member of their supplemental health coverage will have a team of dedicated individuals committed to serving you.


Members who are TRICARE eligible may voluntarily enroll in the TRICARE SUPPLEMENTAL INSURANCE PLAN. TRICARE becomes your primary insurance carrier and the Supplement pays second. The TRICARE Supplement is similar to a Medicare Supplement. It works with TRICARE to pay the balance of covered services the member eligible family members are responsible for paying. Your Supplement pays a portion of your deductible, your cost share co-payment and your applicable excess charges.

  • Retired military
  • A spouse of a retired military or active duty service member
  • A spouse of a disabled veteran and have CHAMPVA

AMRA designed plans specifically to help meet the healthcare needs of military service members and their families.

This design affords TRICARE eligible’s virtually 100% reimbursement for covered services*.


TRACRE recommends the following questions you should answer before purchasing a TRICARE supplemental insurance plan.

  1. What type of health care services does the supplement cover?
  2. Will the plan cover amounts beyond what TRICARE allows?
  3. Does the supplement pay for services not covered by TRICARE or limit the conditions it does cover?
  4. How much is the supplement premium? How often is it paid?
  5. Are there different premium rates based on military status (active or retired) or age?
  6. Can premium payments be increased? Under what conditions?
  7. Is there a deductible to pay before the supplement pays?
  8. Is there a maximum limit on benefits (lifetime, annual, etc.)?
  9. Is there a pre-existing condition clause? If so, how long is the waiting period?
  10. Are there treatments that must be pre-approved before care can be received?
  11. Does the supplement cover enrollment fees or copayments?
  12. Will the supplement pay my cost share under the TRICARE Diagnostic Related Group system?
  13. Does the TRICARE supplement convert to a Medicare supplement? If so, how long before it can convert?
  14. Does the supplement cover inpatient, outpatient, long term or overseas care?
  15. Does the supplement have membership fees (annual or lifetime)?
  16. Will the supplement continue to cover care upon retirement from active duty?
  17. Will the plan continue to provide coverage for surviving TRICARE-eligible spouses and family members?
  18. What are the procedures for filing a claim? Is there a time limit to file a claim?
  19. Does the plan have higher rates for smokers?
  20. Does the plan cover college students who live in a different part of the country?
  21. What happens if beneficiaries move to another region, does the plan move with them?

For more information Click here for the  AMRA TRICARE Supplement Insurance and the AMRA CHAMPVA Supplement Insurance.

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